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How Seawall & Cap Repairs Work

To properly repair a seawall and to eliminate soil loss, it must be sealed AND vented to help alleviate the extreme pressures that are present. We Specialize in Residential and Marina Seawall repairs. Stable Soils Polyurethane Foam Injection solves a much needed solution to “zero excavation” repair to nearly any concrete structure, slab or subterranean infrastructure Injected under high pressure, this product lifts, seals and fills voids all in one easy step. Using very small injection points, they are drilled through the concrete and foam is then introduced to reach the desired lift.


Seawall Repair South Florida

Certified divers for underwater inspections & repairing underwater cracks.

There are many cost-efficient approaches we can take to seawall repair. The use of polyurethane foam (poly foam) grout is considered one of the most economical methods since it is much better than using old techniques such as cement grouting, which has several downsides:
It is messy. A considerable amount of machinery and labor is needed in cement grouting. As a result, this method can leave a huge mess on your property. 

Cement grout is useful for some situations but resin injection is needed as well in others.

On the contrary, advanced polyurethane resin does not have any of the drawbacks above mentioned as it provides a long-term solution to fix seawall cracks, soil voids and seawall leaning:
You can relax. We can install poly foam chemical grout without major disturbances in your property that might be generated by excessive equipment or cluttered materials.

Polyurethane foam repair process does not take much time. In fact, it is much faster than cement grouting. Instead of taking days or weeks, in a few hours you will be able to return home.

The repair approach can get rid of leaks up to thousands of gallons per minute really fast.

This is also an environmentally-friendly process.
To sum up, the use of poly foam grouting is much better than cement grouting not only for the owner’s property but also because it’s cost-effective.

Seawall Cap Work

In Southeast Florida, the really well-known concrete seawall caps enclose seawall panels and provide a really solid structural beam used to support a coastal seawall.  A seawall and its deadman system are highly important for the seawall’s alignment because an entire seawall may drop if a seawall part gets compromised and in fact the seawall can fall into a bay, canal or river.


Seawall Maintenance

  1. Drop in Soil Level behind or near the Seawall

  2. Pooling of water behind or near Seawall

  3. Cavities or voids appearing behind the Seawall

  4. Horizontal cracks below the Seawall Cap or at the Barnacle line

  5. Lack of "Venting" to allow water to drain through the wall

  6. Undercutting of "Toe" from erosion and tidal action

Total wall repair art.jpg
Total wall repair art 22.jpg

Seawall Maintenance


Water passes through Seawall cracks or under Seawall, removing ground soul as it exist. This process creates a void that will eventually cause settlement of the land and structural problems


Polyurethane injection fills in the void and seals the cracks

The cost of repairing a seawall using our method is typically less than half the cost of replacement and will likely double the life of your seawall!


Don't let a small repair turn into a BIG problem and costly repair.

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