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Seawall Repair

If you are facing  problems such as seawall caving around the ground, small cracks or if joints are failing and voids and sinkholes are appearing, it’s high time to repair the seawall.

It is common to hear problems about deteriorated bulkheads. This takes place when the soil on the landside of the bulkhead is settled over time and as a result, erosion of soils at joints, cracks in panels or below the toe of the bulkhead may come out. When water finds its way to the bulkhead,  the water pressure side pulls water to the landside while increasing water levels and pushing it out again as they drop, causing erosion. 

Fortunately, we offer a really low-cost method to repair bulkheads really fast.

The Seawall Repair System we provide is useful to seal leaks ,regulate soil and fix damaged concrete using material that does not damage the environment. 

Bulkhead repair is an amazing way to:

  • Get rid of Erosion

  • Seal Voids

  • Fill Cracks

  • Fix Failed Joints

Sewall Repair

Cap Work

Corrosion of reinforcing steel in the cap or the tieback rods is the main cause that affects caps. Also, seawall caps can be cracked when the seawall structure is moved. As the cracking  takes place, the concrete cap erodes and  it is not able to support the concrete seawall cap and slabs together.

If you want to protect your waterfront property from weather conditions, you really need to consider having seawall caps. Florida, due to its tropical weather, is prone to be affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes that will impact our protective seawall constantly. To safeguard your coastal property values, you must have a safe and well preserved seawall cap.



We Build High-quality, Long-term Docks in Palm Beach County & Surrounding Areas

At Total Seawall Repair, we take immense pride in our high-quality, long-term docks. Besides providing you with a strong, reliable place to park your vessels and watercraft, docks will also extend the usable living space of your home as it enhances the water view. From the classic style of nautical wood to contemporary and long-lasting, molded composites, we can build your dock in a broad variety of sizes, colors,shapes, styles and materials. If you need a large dock for a yacht or a floating dock for a kayak or paddleboard, we will carry out all your ideas.

Our Docks Are Built Using Premier Products

Our products are the best. The use of them guarantees the structural integrity and an exceptional lifespan of our docks. At Total Seawall Repair, we monitor our work. We take everything into account: decks, dock extension, dune walk-over or decorative bridges. 


Regardless of how your waterfront looks, our team of professionals can design and build a long-lasting customised dock. We are the best marine construction company in Palm Beach County and Martin County. When carrying out our job, we do it carefully to obtain not only safety, but also beauty.


We’ll Craft Your Ideal Dock

If you expect a long-lasting, high-quality-crafted dock, we are the right option for you. Our team of highly-experienced professionals design and build docks that are meant to last. Allow our experts to customise your dream dock. We offer excellent service at budget prices.Get in contact with Total Seawall Repair right now and get a free quote!


We are specialists in building custom backyard decks. Our deck contractors work with you to design and build the outdoor living space you've always dreamed of.


Starting a Deck Build


It’s true that planning a project can be overwhelming, but we can help you. First of all, a meeting will be set up with our deck designers so we can brainstorm your ideas and meet your needs. We will discuss your expectations, your budget plans and ideas that are appealing for you.


After we have a well-defined scope of your custom deck project, apart from materials and options, we will work on the whole process to make it flawless.


If you’re interested in decks and remodeling projects, you can learn more below. In case you need preliminary information, call us at (561) 777-2653.


Piling Inspections

Our professionals can check out your pilings and determine how well they're holding up. If any damage is found, or if there’s a piling in danger of failing, we will warn you and provide you with a number of options you have for repair or replacement. We adjust to your budget to find a solution that suits you.

Piling Repair

Even though there are different types of dock pilings, many have been made from wood. The main issue with wood is its susceptibility to rot and other threats, including marine borers that might compromise the integrity of your entire dock. If you choose new materials - including SnapJacket -we are the best option to repair your damaged pilings and avoid future damage. Using products like SnapJacket will make you save money, conserve your pilings, besides restoring broken pilings so that they’re stronger.


Piling Wraps

Apart from being a protective plastic layer that extends the life of the wood that holds your dock, it will prevent burrowing animals from going through. Acquiring piling wraps will mean saving money on piling replacement.

Cap Work

New Piling Installation

If you’re building a new dock, you might consider getting strong, long-lasting and reliable pilings.Our team can design your dock’s layout, guide you when choosing the accurate materials, and install new pilings to be long-lasting.


Do You Need Piling Repair Or Piling Replacement In West Palm Beach?

We are the best option to repair your pilings or install a new dock in your residential or commercial place. Our professionals will be right there in selecting materials, designing and implementing. Get in contact today to get a free quote with our experts. We will be glad to clear out all your doubts and start preparing a plan for you that satisfies your needs.

Recent Projects

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